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 Official Rules

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PostSubject: Official Rules   Official Rules Icon_minitimeJanuary 31st 2011, 1:52 am

Age: This forum is for people 13 years or older. If you are under 13, please get permission from a parent/legal guardian.
Inappropriate Material: We suggest to keep all conversations without foul language. Please keep this to a minimum. If there is anything suggesting/showing anything obscene, nudity, graphic sexual material, intense violence, and/or profanity. As far as movie ratings go, keep it at least PG-13. Anything racist, sexist, ethicist, and/or goes against anyones sexuality is a form of harassment here and we will not tolerate it.
Flaming/Trolling: Harassment and Antagonizing of any kind is not allowed here. Please keep arguments to a minimum. Cyber Bullying and Cyber Stalking will lead to a permanent ban without warning.
Spamming: Spam is anything that does not follow to the subject matter of the topic. If you want to spam, we got a " ℝ@иḓΦѪ~nεṧ$" thread. Please keep spamming there. There are also rules to the "ℝ@иḓΦѪ~nεṧ$" thread here.
Impersonation: Just don't do it. There's no point to it so why do it?
Sharing/Multiple Accounts: You know in Family Guy where Spider Man just comes in and saves Peter Griffin from falling off a cliff? He says, "You only get one." and that rule applies to accounts. ONE ACCOUNT ONLY xD
Signatures: Pictures should be 300 pixels high by 515 pixels wide maximum for God's sake! No one wants a signature that's bigger than the actual post >w< you llama.
Personal Information: You are not allowed to distribute out your real address, city, phone number, last names, or passwords. You are allowed to share the following: First names, Country, State, Age, Birthday and, E-mail.
Posting: No Chain Letters. EVER! Be considerate and do not type in all caps, it will look like you are angry or yelling. Also please be respectful at all times.

1. Light Offense - For tolerable mistakes caused commonly committed by first-time forum users. We only give reminders for light offense.

2. Minor Offense - These offenses merit a strong warning.

▶ First 3 offenses of the same nature – 3 Warnings
▶ 4th Offense of the same nature – Temporary Account Lock
▶ 5th Offense of the same nature– Banned from the forums

3. Major Offense - The kind of offenses that will automatically get your account banned.

Please follow ALL the rules and regulations. We hope you have fun on the forums!


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Official Rules
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